FETISOV-ILLUSION Producers’ company

The founder of the company, a businessman and producer Gleb FETISOV together with his partner in the film business Sergei BESPALOV are patrons of the program “Nights of Fear” presented at the 39tth MIFF. Gleb FETISOV and Sergei BESPALOV are also the producers of the film “Dead Trigger”, which will be screened in the program.
The portfolio of “Fetisov Illusion” features several film highlights of the recent years.
The comedy “Only Girls in Sports” was among Russian box-office leaders.
One of the talented new wave directors Alexei Mizgiryov made the adventure movie “Duellist” in collaboration with “Non-Stop Productions” for “Columbia Pictures”. This was the third Russian film in the IMAX format, it was screened in the official program of the Toronto Film Festival. The film received good reviews, among the merits of the work the critics singled out the combination of the popular and contemporary form of the blockbuster with the backdrop and allusions from the best Russian literature - novels by Dostoyevsky, Kuprin, Tolstoy…”
Even before its premiere “Non-Love” (in collaboration with “Non-Stop Productions”) by the Oscar nominee Andrei Zviagintsev was included in the main program of the 70’th anniversary Cannes IFF of 2017 and received one of the main awards – the Jury Prize. The movie aroused the interest of leading international distributors and has been sold throughout the world.
The large-scale fantasy “Trip to China. Secret of the Iron Mask” is the first ever Russian-Chinese feature with a strong Hollywood presence: Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Fleming, Rutger Hauer, Charles Dance and others. This project is one of the most awaited premieres  of 2017-2018 in this country and has good perspectives on the international market.
Gleb FETISOV was the producer of the American comedy “Chef” by the director, screenwriter and actor Jon Favreau featuring Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Sofía Vergara and other stars.
This year “Fetisov Illusion” became the sponsor of “Russian Booker”, the main literary award in this country. One of the priorities of “Fetisov Illusion” in its collaboration with “Russian Booker” is to draw modern Russian novels and the contemporary generation of Russian-speaking writers into the national and world cinema.